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What happened in Sweden last night

What happened in Sweden last night? Just the ‘most powerful’ bomb attack in Stockholm ever




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Most swedes have by now accepted that Donald Trump been absolutely right all the time. Even before his famous speech ”take a look at Sweden” – we knew we had problems we never thought possible. This was obviously ridiculed and downplayed by the left – and the mass immigration never stopped. We are still taking in large numbers we can’t handle and now we have problems like we never thought possible even in our worst nightmares.

We have riots and no-go-zones. We have an avalance of rape, child robberies, arson, total anarchy in the suburbs, gangs roaming free, mass car fires, drugs flood the country, 320 shootings and 121 bomb attacks just last year, fatal shootings have increased from 4 per year in the early 1990s to 41 in 2019. Simultaneously we have police crisis with a gigantic shortage of educated police officers.

Needless to say swedes now have an alarming heightened feeling of insecurity. Swedes feel less safe in their own neighbourhoods. Sweden has three times more insecurity than Norway.

So what happened in Sweden last night? Around 01.00 PM we had ’one of the most powerful’ bomb attacks ever in Stockholm. A very powerful bomb exploded in the centre of Stockholm. The bomb was placed on a street on Östermalm, which is one of the most expensive areas of Stockholm, with apartments, schools and restaurants. A daycare center is located just across the street from the explosion.

Windows were shattered, cars destroyed, houses shook in their foundation and the explosion could be heard for miles outside the city. Residents called it a ’an enormous blast’ and described the situation as ’a war zone’. It was a ’miracle’ no one got hurt.

Just two hours later a very powerful bomb detonated outside a night club in Uppsala – just 70 km from Stockholm. Police are now investigating a connection between the two bomb attacks.


Sources: Fria Tider/Nyheter Idag/SVT

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